The Shchukin Collection at Louis Vuitton Foundation

The website’s name « Paris Art Review » is dedicated to Paris, a major cultural town. Sometimes, Paris can be mesmerising.

The outside of the Fondation Louis Vuitton building is highlighted by Daniel Buren (1938-) « L’observatoire de la  lumière » work in situ

I have the chance to go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, I was here to visit the newest exhibition : the modern art collection of the russian art lover Sergueï Chtchoukine « Icons of modern art ». By its themetic organisation we can discover the treasure and the taste of a genious : Sergueï Chchtoukine. Indeed, I think Mister Chtchoukine is as much as the artists genious. Why is he a genious ? Because he bought the most important artists of modern art to the people. Sergueï has the taste and the eye to discover those artists when they were not famous and to recognize them, in the exbhibition you will find:

Paul Gauguin, André Derain, Paul Cezanne, Albert Marquet, Henri Matisse, Paul Signac

Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Le Douanier Rousseau, Claude Monet, Kasimir Malevitch

and my crush Vladimir Tatline.

Vladimir TATLINE (1885-1953), Nude model, 1913, Galerie Tretiakov, Moscow

Giving us an exhibition like this one is absolutely amazing and also a miracle. All of the works of art are borrowed from Russian national museums (the Pushkin and Ermitage museums) and to Tretiakov Gallery (The State Tretyakov Gallery based in Moscou) : 130 works of art are reunited here in the Foundation. I can not even imagine the transportation of these works of art…

Even if the exhibition is very long and made up of a lot of works of art, the comprehension of the exhibition is not complicated, it is almost simple.

What about Chtchoukine, the collector?

Sergueï  Chtchoukine was born in Moscow in 1854.  On October 1918, 29 his collection  is nationalized. One year later, the Museum of Modern Western Painting is created. This new born museum is made up of Chtchoukine and Morozov’s collection. His collection is described as one the world’s beautiful collection.

Sergueï Chtchoukine owned 13 Monet paintings and the Foundation gathered 8 out those 13. One interesting curating fact is the deed that Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe is exhibited in among 7 other Monet paintings, all in the same room. There is the « Monet room », and you can also get lost for hours  in the « Matisse room ». Each room (14) is more delightful than the previous.

Henri Matisse, La Danse (1909-1910), Courtesy of Fondation Louis Vuitton and The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg.

Whether we understand the art and the painters or not, we are still able to appreciate the important value, the worth of the exhibition and work done for it.

As an exemple, we have to chance the see the Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe sketch. This painting is famous because only two fragments remain, from the original painting, which are pricelessly kept at the Orsay museum in Paris. The skectch of Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, exhibited in the Louis Vuitton Foundation, is so close to the original painting which makes its  value high.

Claude MONET (1840-1926) Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe, 1963 sketch, Pouschkine Museum, Mouscow

What I thought of the exhibiton

As a modern art lover, I was afraid that the exhibition would not be as awesome as it is described by media or visitors. I must admit that I am not disappointed for a moment.

What I absolutely like about this exhibition is its ability to have a very large vision of modern art. Gathering all those modern painters allow us to understand the issues of the period and also the risks taken by the Russian artlover and collector. In my opinion, it is one of the most important exhibition of the season, because we are able to stare at so many modern master pieces (especially french ones) in a very well-thought organisation.


As I said, this exhibition is wonderful thanks to the high quality of the selection and also thanks to the curating work which makes the visit so instinctive and pleasant. The curating’s choice is minimal and focus on the art. I really appreciate and enjoy the curating effort which is really efficient according to me. I do not want to tease or spoil you too much so I will leave you here, but know the exhibition is not even half of Chtchoukine’s collection..


I consider this exhibition as one of the most important and one of the richest modern art exhibition of this year. For this reason, I highly recommand to go even to run to this exhibition.


Gwenola Bovis


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