Picasso exhibition : Marseille Art Review

For the first time since the start of this blog, I will be writing about an exhibition that is not going on in Paris but in an other french city : Marseille in the south of France. It is a Marseille art review.



As a side note, the blog’s name came to me because I thought it sounded nice, however this doesn’t mean that I only write about art events going on in Paris, despite the name of my website (so don’t let it fool you!). Lets just say, it is more or less due to the fact I am based in Paris.

Now, back to Marseille. I took the time to visit the newly opened museum, the MUCEM. First of all, I ‘d like to talk about the the museum itself, which is beautifully modern and very well thought out. The italian architect Rudy Ricciotti chose a modern architecture that plays with the rays and light of the sun that and is built next to an old building which is an interesting choice, and creates a great contrast.


Mixing old and modern is very trendy at the moment, it’s phenomenon we can notice in artists such as : Anish Kapoor in Versailles or Daniel Buren in Paris .

Let’s come back to the the exhibition, an exibhition featuring Picasso  » A genious without a pedestal ». I was very disappointed by the Grand Palais Picasso exhibition that took place during the fall/winter in Paris, but to the contrary, the MUCEM exhibition was an enchantment.

The museum chose to focus on Picasso’ inspiration : popular arts and traditions such as the circus and music themes in Picasso art who was inspirated by Spanish sources. A refreshing and interesting topic of exhibition to say the least, as they discarded the traditional approach to take on a new and very original one. In addition to that, some of the paintings were from private collections hence very exclusive, so I had never seen them before which was really eye opening. This impressive exhibition reveals 270 unknown  works if this artist : woodworking, ceramics, silversmithing and of course paintings, sculptures (the famous Tete de Taureau).


The scenography highlights the paintings and the sculptures like a game guiding us through Picasso art.

I really recommand this exhibition and the visit at the MUCEM.

exhibition until the 08/29/2016

Gwenola Bovis



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